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Frank Wiesner apprenticed in Germany to become a Master of Woodcraft. His bookbinding equipment shows the attention to detail and long association with bookbinders throughout the world. Not only exceptionally functional, they are a pleasure to use due to the beauty of his workmanship. We know of no other bookbinding equipment that can compare to his. After trying many different presses (both old and new), we now only use Frank's because of their exceptional quality. They are made from seasoned Tasmanian Oak, a unique Australian hardwood.

In addition to the standard items listed below, Frank can produce almost any specialty items that may be required. Please call or write with your special needs. Images for all items can be found by clicking on the following link: FW Catalogue

Lying press 650 mm between screws
Lying press 500 mm between screws
Sewing Frame 450 mm between posts
Sewing Frame 600 mm between posts
Sewing Frame 750 mm between posts
Traditional Finishing Press 350 mm between screws
Traditional Finishing Press 450 mm between screws
Finishing Press on Leg Frame 400mm between screws
Edge Gilding Press
Standing Press, 400mm daylight, 450x870mm plate size, with morticed and dovetailed joints. Top and bottom platens are free floating to move with the changing weather conditions without warping.
Peller Finishing Press Inspired by Swiss Master Bookbinder Hugo Peller, the two press cheeks are extended on one end to hold the book upright when sewing head-bands.
Backing Boards 2 x 350 mm with brass edges
Workstool with screw up seat
Bookends, fully adjustable with a screw end on one side, they are beautifully handcrafted in red ceder.

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